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    Another crossover from my favorite couple Hercules and Ariel.  

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    "I can’t remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you’re saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it’s not literally illegal to express." xkcd: Free Speech.

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    literally the most important show you’ll ever watch

    I think I decided this will be my Halloween costume if I ever go out on Halloween again.

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  9. Costume design sketch by Jean Louis for Marilyn Monroe in The Misfits (1961)

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    Some women want to be house wives and some women want to be Harvard professors and some women want to be porn stars and some women want to be nuns and some women want to be surgeons and there is nothing wrong with anyone’s profession I am sick of people being rude to women about their professions oh my god

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